Moose Hunting, Black Bear hunting, and Fishing

Hunting cats in British Columbia are one of the most physically demanding hunts you will go on. Being in good physical and mental condition is a must.

Also being prepared for warm or extremely cold weather is crucial, Our gear list for this hunt is what I have found to be the most practical and will handle all weather conditions.

  1. Good warm dry foot wear, I recommend boots like Kenetrek that have 1000 grams of thinsulate. I also recommend Muck Boots (Arctic Sport or Arctic Pro)
  2. Gators, I use snowboarding pants, these are inexpensive and stay dry as the snow will not stick to it, do not bring fleece or wool pants.
  3. Under Armor or something similar have both light weight and heavy weight.
  4. I also recommend a light wind breaking rain coat, as well as a warm ski type jacket.
  5. 2 or 3 pairs of gloves, I find that normal ski type gloves are good and I pack a spare set of warm wool mittens in my day pack.
  6. A light day pack.
  7. Wool socks, tee shirts etc.
  8. No sleeping bag is required.
  9. Warm head gear that covers your ears.
  10. A silk scarf
  11. Bino’s, camera, flash light, head light etc.
  12. Pack your day pack with emergency gear, to survive one night out. (This has not happened yet, but it is best to be prepared.
  13. Snow shoes, these can be bulky so we can purchase these here when you arrive.
  14. Toe and hand warmers.
  15. .30-30 lever or similar for fire arms, .22 for lynx, bow or black powder.

When you arrive we will stop so you can stock up on snacks, drinks, or whatever you will want for long days in the truck or out on trail on snowmobiles.


Hunting wolf is done by long days in the blinds; they are not heated so you must dress warm.

  1. Snow packs for boots -50 recommended
  2. Heavy coats, pants or coveralls.
  3. Good warm head and hand gear.

We travel into our bait stands via snowmobile, so you must be dressed for a short ride in 20 to 40 below weather, and then layer down for a couple of kilometer hike into the stand.

  1. Camera, binos, flashlight
  2. Good reading materials
  3. Toe and hand warmers

Warm, warm and warmer clothing. Sleeping bag not required,

  1. .22-250 or similar for long range 300 to 500 yard shots.