Moose Hunting, Black Bear hunting, and Fishing

Fall hunts are divided into 2 categories, the first being the wilderness hunts and the 2nd are hunts done out of the ranch or lodge. All mountain caribou and trophy moose hunts are wilderness hunts. The weather can be a mixture of warm sunny fall days with mornings being below 32 degrees and very brisk. Snow is very possible even in the beginning of September. Wilderness hunts are all done by horseback and the amount of gear is limited for the most part. We ask that hunters do not over pack. Again wool pants and jackets are the best clothing for hunting moose and expensive ineffective noisy clothing is not recommended if you want to be successful.  Waterproof leather boots and insolated rubber boots and camp shoes such as runners will be all you need. Long underwear, socks and sweaters. Quiet rain pants and jacket. Oilskin works very well and a western hat that helps shed water and a ball cap.


Wool Pants And Heavy Coat, Light Wool/Cotton Jacket, Leather Boots, Insulated Rubber Boots, Long Underwear, Wool Socks, Rain Gear, Shoes, Gloves , Western Hat


Archery 70 Lb With 100 Grain B/H, Range Finder, Rifle-Magnums Up To 300 Wthrby, 180 Grain Nosler Or Barns X, Black Powder- 250 Gr, Huning Knife & Sharpener, Gps If Desired, Personal Saddle If Desired, Warm Sleeping Bag (Widerness Hunts Only), Camera, Binoculars, Personal Gear, Large Game Bags

The biggest mistake that hunter make when they decide to hunt for
Big Game is in their choice of clothing. You can walk into most any hunting store and find a wide variety of hunting apparel, most of it is not worth much of anything when it comes to practicality. It all looks good , and they all claim their product to be the best in water proof and are quiet,  hell some of them even claim to cover or hide you own scent. Marketing is and has been very imaginative as far as hunting clothing goes, but most of the stuff just plain will not work.

I have been hunting since I was nine years old, and you know I wore wool pants and coat then and still today I swear by wool pants and coat to be the best bar none. I wear Columbia made wool pants, you can get them from Sportsman’s Warehouse for under $100 bucks. Yes they will get wet, but the water drains off them fast, and you will be warm no matter what, but most important that Monster Bull Moose or Elk will not hear you coming, and this is what makes a successful hunt.

Columbia makes a very good wool coat as well. You do not need to spend more than a couple of hundred bucks for both. If you do I guarantee you will look good, but I never seen any Mule deer buck that knew the difference. And again I would rather spend my money going hunting  and filling the freezer, than looking good sitting at home with bare walls and empty freezers. Cammo Is another trend, it may be okay if you are bow hunting, but for rifle hunters My Blue Makinaw wool coat works plenty fine from over 100 yards away. Last I knew it was better to stalk quietly, down wind and taking your time with a well placed shot, than looking good in fancy high priced clothing.

Rocky still makes one of the best inexpensive hunting boots on the market today and they are very affordable no matter what kind of boot you need. I have Rocky boots for spring , fall and even my dead of winter hunts.

Be aware of trendy gear that claims to do the unbelievable, practical inexpensive gear will do the job.