Mountain Lion Hunts

You want to talk about “CAT HUNTIN”? Last year we were 100% on cats! We took 2 cougar that went over 200lbs, and had 15 +inch skulls. Our area for cougar is huge approximately 8000 square miles of guide area with some of the best lion terrain BC has to offer. If you love hounds and you love cat hunting this is the hunt you have been looking for! Accommodations will vary from warm cozy cabins to roughing it out in motel rooms or camp trailers. When you have this much area to hunt the situation will change depending on snow conditions. If your going to look for a cat hunt make sure you ask about the dogs, and I guarantee you our dogs are second to none. Also our guides are the best in the business. Since this is a specialized predator hunt the availability is limited so call now to book this hunt.

2009 Allan Krey, 15.5in skull mtn Lion killed with bow