Lynx Hunts

“LYNX”  or “Lynx canadensis” also known as ” The Shadow of the Forest” is the most elusive of North America’s three fields. Cougar and Bobcat being the other two. It is also the hardest of the three cats to harvest. You have to have a good habitat, lots of rabbits (snowshoe hare) and you have to have excellent dogs. Fortunately Itcha Mountain Outfitters has all of these above.This is North America’s toughest cat to get, and that is the reason there are very few outfitters that hunt them. Hunting for Lynx is almost totally whether dependent. You must have good snow not to deep not to cold, and it helps to have fresh snow everyday. “LYNX” is always the last cat most hunters need to fill the Cat slam, because of the difficulty in hunting for them. However the reward is totally awesome when you finally are successful as the Canadian Lynx is North America’s PRETTIEST CAT  and probably the most awesome cat on the planet! Contact us today to book this hunt for North America’s Most elusive Cat.

2009 Mike Wilmot, Lynx