Black Bear Hunts

3 words “BIG BLACK BEARS” This pretty much sums up our spring bear hunts, nowhere else can you get black bears as big as ours. Don’t let anyone ever say that Island black bears are bigger, because that is not true. Our bears are not only bigger but the hides and hair on our bears are second to none. Our Spring Black Bear Hunts take place out of the Ranch Headquarters. Our hunters have access to all the facilities including laundry. Over the past five years our success rate has been 100%. We continually harvest 30% of our bears in the 7 foot class, 30% will be color phase, and bears with 20 inch skulls is not uncommon.

For the best Trophy Black Bear hunt you will ever go on, call us. This 5 day hunt almost always leaves the hunter ample time to also enjoy trout fishing on the river that flows through the Ranch. There are also other streams close to the Ranch.