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My Dad (Bev Fraser) would not book a client unless he met him in person, and when we started in this business, that was pretty much how we booked hunters. Doing a dozen sportsman shows a year were pretty much how we did it. Meeting clients in person and making a connection that started a relationship. That is how it should be done. But in this day and age of e-mail, internet, facebook, etc. it is even harder to get a guy on the phone let alone meet him face to face. 

Knowing that you have to change with the times and it is so hard for Old fashioned Guide Outfitter’s, myself included. We have evolved, I would ask that any of you who want to contact us by e-mail. Please include a phone number or heck just gives us a call. It is nice to at least talk to you to try to see if we have what you want. I find that I am a pretty good judge of character, and I believe that most people are as well, but you cannot judge most people by an e-mail. Or hey maybe this is called profiling, Guide Outfitter CSI,

What’s next? LOL

Itcha Mountain Outfitter
9475 Nazko Rd
Nazko, BC
V2J 3H9

Lake Home: 250-249-5424
Stewart Cell: 253-306-1771
Sabrina Cell: 503-260-6540

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