Moose Hunts


Our moose are the true Western Canadian Moose. They range from spike fork to Monster 50 in + bulls. Our area is situated high on the interior plateau of Central British Columbia and is composed of huge stands of Jack pine mixed with thick stands of heavily dense Spruce bogs. This is where the moose thrive. Our bulls will have some of that Alaska genetics still in them, and if you are fortunate enough to harvest one in the 50 inch range do not be surprised when the taxidermist has to order the Alaska moose mold to fit it!

Our primary moose hunt is done by horseback. We have over the years bred some of the best horse stock for hunting you will ever come across.
Our Moose camps vary from a camp you can drive into by 4 x 4, where you will hunt on foot, horseback or by vehicle.

Or camps that may be a 4 hour horse ride into, where you will be in a very remote area. We also have camps that you have to get into by team and wagon.

Then there is the main camp. This is where you will have the luxury of warm Camp style trailer rooms, to log cabins. Fully equipped Lodge and dinning area, wash house complete with heated shower and toilet facilities. Wireless internet and satellite TV. We hunt by 4×4 and walking into remote swamps, drainages and rutting areas.

We offer a wide variety of hunt packages to suit what ever your hunting abilities may be. Pretty much something for everyone. Our opportunity rate is 90%, 9 out of 10 of our hunters will be put into a good situation to harvest a moose. Call us to discuss you hunting options.